Our mission is to get the very best architects and design teams in front of public sector clients resulting in better housing schemes designed by a wider variety of players.

  • Are you bidding for a public sector-led project?
  • Are you wondering how to pitch it so that it hits all the right notes for the commissioning authority?
  • Do you need bid assistance or design critique from people who have been on both sides of the fence?
  • Do you know how to sell good design whilst making commissioners confident you can also manage risk and cost?

Architects focus on what they do best: designing exceptional new neighbourhoods where communities can flourish and take root. Sometimes writing bids for public sector bodies is not their forte, and as a result, the very best design teams do not get appointed to frameworks or other opportunities. Smaller practices can find it difficult to navigate through the jungle of requirements required by law.

Municipal understands what drives public sector authorities and how to respond to their bid documents, because we have been on that side of the fence. We have set up complex but lean framework procurement processes, read hundreds of bids and interviewed hundreds of consultants. We will give you the best chance of getting through PQQ and ITT, and potentially winning work.


Our services for architects.

Project Bid Advice & design Review.

Public tenders can be daunting with numerous requirements and questions which are not immediately clear. Design Review is a valuable tool for clients and local authorities to push for better design. More 

Design Commissioning Training.

We can all think of numerous books, articles and training courses about housing design, but how many books are there which coach the commissioners in how to ‘client’ good housing? More



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