Client Sectors.

Local authorities are in a unique position to deliver the new housing which the UK needs. As asset owners, they care more than anyone about the long term quality of that housing.

Many authorities such as Cambridge, Croydon and Hackney are forging ahead with inspiring housing development programmes on their own land. Many more could join them: but so often, public bodies feel hamstrung by procurement and value for money rules, and end up with partners who do not share their vision or values for new places.

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Our mission is to get the very best architects and design teams in front of public sector clients resulting in better housing schemes designed by a wider variety of players.

Architects focus on what they do best: designing exceptional new neighbourhoods where communities can flourish and take root. Sometimes writing bids for public sector bodies is not their forte, and as a result, the very best design teams do not get appointed to frameworks or other opportunities.

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Big housing-led schemes need intensive public/private joint working to be a success. Major bids are costly so need clarity in design intent and meeting the council’s aspirations.

We have been involved in working on large consortium bids for public sector land projects including for Southwark Council, Wandsworth Council and LLDC. This has involved design review, bid writing, affordable housing analysis and interview.

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