Design Leadership.

Design leadership involves embedding good design at the heart of an organisation or major project.

It is partly a cultural phenomenon, but also a practical one of ensuring that your structures and processes are set up to allow good design to germinate and flourish in your projects. If you are planning a large programme of projects on multiple sites, it can be challenging to ensure that there is a consistent quality to all of the work.

We are here to assist you in achieving lasting design leadership. Our services could range from:

  • A single day interactive seminar on embedding design into the whole development process.

  • A strategic review of existing documents and processes with a follow-on action plan and training package as required.

  • Acting as design champion at Development Committee meetings (e.g. once a month).

  • Acting as design champion for major schemes (e.g. quarterly design review).

  • One to one coaching with senior development staff.

Municipal has provided Design Leadership services to:

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