Developers & Housing Associations.

Big housing-led schemes need intensive public/private joint working to be a success. Major bids are costly so need clarity in design intent and meeting the council’s aspirations.

  • Are you bidding for a public sector-led project?
  • Are you wondering how to pitch it so that it hits all the right notes for the commissioning authority?
  • Do you need bid assistance or design critique from people who have been on both sides of the fence?
  • Do you want early clarity on the design and affordable housing aspects of your bid?

We have been involved in working on large consortium bids for public sector land projects including for Southwark Council, Wandsworth Council and LLDC. This has involved design review, bid writing, affordable housing analysis and interview. As champions of good design as well as affordable housing experts, we can bring a useful external eye to your bid. We can also undertake design review of your own schemes, and look at how design is both championed and managed in your organisation.

Sad to hear Claire Bennie is leaving Peabody. Her clarity will be missed!
— Argent, 2015

Our services for developers & housing associations

Project Bid Advice & Design Review.

Public tenders can be daunting with numerous requirements and questions which are not immediately clear. Design Review is a valuable tool for clients and local authorities to push for better design More 


We can all think of numerous books, articles and training courses about housing design, but how many books are there which coach the commissioners in how to ‘client’ good housing? More


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