A million new homes will be built in the UK over the next ten years. We’re helping visionary people put thought, care, ambition and quality back into housing.



What we do.

We put far-sighted clients and inspiring design teams together helping them align their diverse interests to produce great housing.


Municipal, led by Claire Bennie, is a housing development consultancy with a soul. We advise ambitious public land-owning clients on how to make the most of their land for the long term by helping them to commission the best partners to create popular and beautiful homes and landscapes. We also advise design-led architects and developers on how to enter and win public sector tenders for new housing schemes. 


Local Authorities.

Local authorities are in a unique position to deliver the new housing which the UK needs. As asset owners, they care more than anyone about the long term quality of that housing.


Our mission is to get the very best architects and design teams in front of public sector clients resulting in better housing schemes designed by a wider variety of players.

Developers & Housing Associations.

Big housing-led schemes need intensive public/private joint working to be a success. Major bids are costly so need clarity in design intent and meeting the council’s aspirations.