Local Authorities.

Local authorities are in a unique position to deliver the new housing which the UK needs. As asset owners, they care more than anyone about the long term quality of that housing.

  • Are you about to embark on new housing development schemes, large or small?
  • Are your Members ambitious for good design but find it hard to define and even harder to achieve?
  • Do you feel public procurement rules are hampering your ability to prioritise design?
  • Do you think design costs more and is risky?
  • Do you keep ending up with the same volume housebuilding on the edge of your town?
  • Does procuring developers and designers feel drawn out and adversarial, rather than creative and engaging?

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Many authorities such as Cambridge, Croydon and Hackney are forging ahead with inspiring housing development programmes on their own land. Many more could join them: but so often, public bodies feel hamstrung by procurement and value for money rules, and end up with partners who do not share their vision or values for new places.

Planning teams and external design review bodies have an important role to play in enabling good design, but what if the local authority, as commissioner, could itself set a benchmark for the quality it wanted to see?

Municipal works in various ways with local authorities and other ambitious organisations to make sure they develop the new homes and neighbourhoods which they can be proud of. We navigate our clients through the qualitative aspects of procurement so that they appoint designers and builders who share their aspiration for quality. We are able to bridge the gap between diverse interests, having worked both on design and commissioning, and within private and public sectors. 


Our services for local authorities.

Design Leadership

Design leadership involves embedding good design at the heart of an organisation or major project. More

Project Brief Writing.

The brief is the most important part of any development project, setting the quality standards and social ambitions from the start. More

Procurement and Competition Advice.

Procurement is central to the success of any development project, whether of a design team, or of a contractor / developer. More

Development Management.

Managing the delivery of housing-led schemes requires very varied skills from technical and financial through to community engagement and design review. More

Design CommisSionING Training.

We can all think of numerous books, articles and training courses about housing design, but how many books are there which coach the commissioners in how to ‘client’ good housing? More


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